Fluffy snow after the massive 
snowstorm of February 2011
inspired the poem Feather Snow.
The night before my cousin's
wedding, her bridesmaids and I, her
Maid of Honor, traipsed to Dillons
with her and bought flowers. We then
took apart the bouquets and created
our own. Our outfits were gray
dresses and yellow flats, also of our
own choosing.
I popped the piece of blue 
sky seen in the story of
 Cow and Platypus out of
this photograph of the
London Eye taken on my
trip to England in 2008.
I have always loved spirea bushes.
As a child, I imagined living inside
them like rabbits and other small
creatures do. This photo comes from
one of the bushes lining the alley in
back of my house.
The poem Wistful contains mixed
feelings about Facebook