Monday, October 1, 2012

The Night Trip

Once upon a time there were two gnomes named Charlie and Apple who lived in a stump shaped like a chair and wore yellow and red hats, respectively. They were ordinary and did ordinary things. One night, they decided to take a trip to the country to see the stars.

Walking down the alley to the main road, they hitched a ride on a passing truck (this being possible because the driver was an old man who had forgotten his glasses at home). Shortly arriving in the country, they hopped off, crossed the rain ditch, and lay down on a rock to star-watch.

Suddenly, a raccoon jumped out of the grass, "ARRRRR!" Charlie and Apple were quite startled and squeaked like mice. The known-to-be-friendly raccoon sat down and blushed. He explained that he had been practicing his attack-jump on the rock. Charlie and Apple shared their chocolate chip cookies with him and counted seven shooting stars. Afterwards, they rode the raccoon back into town because there were no trucks.

The End.

Regretfully, it's been a whole year since I've written anything (as you may notice). Since then, I've acquired both a new job and a cute little rental house. Here's to finding the glee in words and my thesaurus once again.